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Death Groove from another dimension


released June 3, 2016

Phill C - Guitar/Bass/Programming/Engineering/Production
Trav M - Voice/Words



all rights reserved


KILL[UR]SELF Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Serve & Protect
Ignorant minds, deficient culture
Fuels fire from parental views
Begins life, an empty vessel
Spawned into a swollen bruise
Now wears a badge, takes out aggression
On anyone that questions you
Hides behind, a constitution
Made to protect a chosen few

Means nothing
To serve and protect
Force down
The nameless
To crush and subject

Attracting only those who prey on
The same agenda set by you
Your only friend is voices inside
Your head that tells you what to do
To gain respect, give no respect
You choose the power sworn to you
The fractured souls will seek revenge from
All of those that you abused
Above the law, protect their own
The fear enforced in which you clone
Psychotic nature,that fills your mind
A trail of blood you leave behind
How do you see, yourself to others
On a pedestal standing tall
Or just a damaged, pathetic leach
Sucking life from one and all

Means nothing
To serve and protect
Force down
The nameless
To crush and subject
Track Name: Fractured
Until the end, all life deferred
The past you know has just been blurred
The futures here,all systems fall,a living nightmare, for us all.
Beaten broken, damaged lost
Time has come, the lines been crossed
The world will now, succumb in fear
To scum they vote in every year
From which they fall
Fractured, broken, now you crawl
The writing now is on the wall
Crippled sense of failure
Will haunt you till your dying days
Fractured world has dropped unto its knees
The final dying phase
The weak become the martyr’s, drip fed lies, till they crack
Leave behind a life you took for granted, now the world turns black
From which they fall
Fractured, broken, now you crawl
The writing now is on the wall
The order of the world is now, diminished into disrepair
Regressing into darkness on your knees, you fall and say a prayer
Say a prayer!
Suffocated, neutralized, paralyzed within
The greed that grows from fractured minds
Heroic factions of the blind
Corrupt become the leaders, no one can trust a word they say
Choose the lesser evil is the choice that you have made today
Your destiny is certain, unless you stand up for your cause
Your future is now lost, your just a number in a hidden clause
The order of the world is now diminished into disrepair
Regressing into darkness, on your knees, you fall and say a prayer
Track Name: Enslaved
Conjured soulless
Spinal severance
The ratting out
Of holy fornication
Taken all
You’ve left to care for
In light of hedonistic terror you die
All signs of madness
Led to fire
Murder promotes your filthy god
Impure outward thieves of innocence
The legacy falls as the cinders burn cold
I serve no masters
Thought reform
I bow down to no one
Under control
Time to reform, expand and take control
Bent thoughts indoctrination takes its toll
Force fed lies to find life’s answers
Control and program
Subdue the weak and blind
Gods & masters
The false creation
Licensed demons
The cruelest fold
Burning lungs of
Miss-led prophecy
Bleeding eyes
Pave suicide trails
Plead for mercy
Slow you'll burn
Vengeful foes
Projectile bleeding
Upon the pages
You’ve laid the path
Your future is now told
Track Name: Bleeding Eyes
Walk the streets of decay
The world has turned to shit today
Peel the rotting layers back
Cant think to see, my mind is trapped
Lead from rules of battles lost
Inside my head at any cost
Ive now the will to kill inside
The voices heard, i cannot hide
Cause and effect
Trapped in my mind
You cant protect
Them from my kind
In my mind, it spills through
The dark urge , it proves true
I now know, what to do
The sky turns red, i strip the life from you
My former self, is dead and gone
The blackest thoughts, the voice has won
They’ve taught me well
There's only one way out through my bleeding eyes
Cleche shit, they teach to fix
The broken thoughts , is just a glitch
Prescribe the meds, will make you right
But now ive lost the will to fight
Inside my head, guilty
The church would call , it blasphemy
I cannot see , the wrong from right
The voice inside it grips me tight
Cause and effect
Trapped in my mind
You cant protect
Track Name: Bloodstains
They can make things worse for me
Sometimes i'd rather die
They can tell me lots of things
But i can't see eye to eye
Well i know they know, the way i think
I know they always will
But someday i'm gonna change my mind
Sometimes i'd rather kill
Bloodstains - speed kills
Fast cars - cheap thrills
Rich girls - fine wine
I've lost my sense - i've lost control - i've lost my mind
Things seem so much different now
The scene has died away
I haven't got a steady job
And i've got no place to stay
Well, it's a futuristic modern world
But things aren't what they seem
Someday you'd better wake up
From this stupid fantasy
Track Name: Anchor Down
The lies, shared from the early days
Bent series, the path that shapes your ways
The endless, options there
But they can wait, the pressure
Too much to contemplate
Forced to march in twinned cocoons,
Taught me words and numbers same
Indoctrinated by leaders past,
Molding to our laval brains
Some will choke, some learn the game,
Other lose and go insane
Kill yourself !
Hold down, keep the blackened thoughts inside
Step back, take control, don’t run and hide
Black-out, fear of failure, life denied
Anchor down, show the strength, it will subside
Partials of inspiration, spread you wings and kick down walls
Antipodean destruction, ignore the words and gaping flaws
Open minds feed interaction, shallow hide behind closed doors
Free yourself !
Man is the bastard, and you’re gonna get burned
The societal anchors will drop in turn
In turn!
Progression breeds self-satisfaction
Annul the doubts and post your scores
Clowns will make your life a circus
The ones you keep are the ones you hold
Nothing profound you’re scenes of madness
Automated mind control
Free yourself !
Look around !
Its life unfound !
Track Name: Social Cancer
Walk Among the bleeding martyr’s
Swallowed pills from the brainwashed cells
Blind faith of a worn conspiracy, spreading social cancer
Blurred lines for a different future
Reaping what is sewn today
Cold ground for the crippled souls
Screaming for the answers
Scorned, Burning conscious
Fools, Graves in your minds
Blood, Prophets chalice
Righteous terror, Seething blind
Fall, From your soapbox
To the ground on to your knees
Blood, Flowing down
From the tombstones of hypocrisy
Spitfire acid, Burning skin
Bludgeoned truth from the poison pen
Cut to the hallowed, Bone and sin
Suffered fools for malicious trends
Corrupting minds, Brainwashed from birth
No chance to grow, Just follow the herd
Learn to follow, Agree, don’t question
The words we speak , Don’t think just do as your told
Contentious lies
Spread the hate, The weak will follow
Walk among the bleeding martyrs
Swallowed pills from the brainwashed cells
Blind faith of a worn conspiracy
Spreading social cancer
Track Name: Demon
Demon, come live in me
possession, fill me with disease
temptation, a fire set aflame
feral instincts help me go insane
Shameless, searching endlessly
to appease the burning urge in me
hunger of a thousand wolverines
satisfaction by any means
Demon, replace all I’ve been taught
impulse, erase all second thought
gambling in this carnal game
nothing is all where everything’s the same
Trembling in the balance
exploring new extremes
all sweet forms of self-destruction
coming to me in my dreams
Thoughts of cruelty and pain
in my brain - in my blood
lose control of lust and anger
You’ll be my last
Track Name: Architects
Strategy, from the start
You wear the mask, you’ll play the part
You’ll never be, the face they see
Corrupting minds, Through TV
Words you speak, are not your own
Pull the strings, the hand you’ve shown
Make your move, to spin the truth
They cannot see, they have no proof
The architects are building, Lies
From within, Beneath the surface, shedding skin
Reptile, You slither through
The brainwashed minds that follow you
Deception, From within
The Architects, They spread you thin
Banished, Shift the blame
Hypnotize and play the game
Sharks, They circle round
Feeding, Begin to drown
Choking, On the lies
Beaten down, And never rise
The architects, Futures torn, Broken promises you’ve sworn
Power, You didn’t earn , You gave us nothing in return
Ballots count, with fuck all choice
Disregard, the people’s voice
Term served, has been cut down
Kicked to the kerb, you fucking clown
One more gone, another steps up
Their all the same, forever corrupt
The future, for all to see your lies will be your legacy
The architects for all to see
Imprisoning humanity
Track Name: Death Support
This cant happen to me
That all i have ceased to be
The choice to make, Who lives or dies
Isn’t yours, to make
Refuse to fund, damning all
Hung out to dry, sell your soul
To those who place the price tag on your life
There is no choice
A business model to keeping all those sick
Paying to survive, selling life, their cruelest trick
They have the choice now to make
Who lives or dies, shouldn’t take
Dealing death, cost is high
Promises of saving life all lies
Jack the price, find the cash
The end is near, nothing left
You gave it all to defend, they own your life until the end
Who decides
Who lives or dies
Till the end
They bleed you dry
To put a price
Thats out of reach
Drugs, They sell wont cure you quick
Money made, to keep you sick
We own you now,pay or die
There is no choice, don’t even try
Now, A lifetime employee
Your kept alive, for a fee
Your life is ours til the end
Your body and soul the dividend